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Words From the Wise



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This past week I was able to talk with two highly qualified Public Relations Professionals. My first interview was with La Toya Keys,  a Brand Steward at Year Up. Keys has been in the Public Relations field since 2005 and has earned a Masters Degree in Public Relations and Advertising. During her time in Public Relations, she says that the dependency on media has been the biggest change.  Although La Toya has experience in many aspects of Public Relations, she says the project she is most proud of is her development of Elle Kay Events. Since she has always loved event planning, being able to run her own business is very rewarding for her.

Keys has proven herself not only as a successful Public Relations Specialist, but also as a strong and independent women. Hearing about her achievements made me wonder how it’s done. La Toya explained her typical week to me and talked about the sporadic events that take place depending on the her clients’ needs at that time. In order to be successful in such a spontaneous career, Keys says that getting a good education helps build a steady foundation but that getting the most hands-on experience that you can is best. Although Keys believes that having writing skills is crucial in order to receive the respect you need in this field, she recommends that all students wishing to pursue a Public Relations career get as many interning experiences as possible and keep up to date with social media networks since the field is constantly changing.



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My second interview was with Dr. Roland Huber. Dr. Huber has over 47 years of experience in the Communication field. He has published four books, had his own radio show, worked in television, and is currently an advocate for the child welfare system. Since Dr. Huber was raised as a ward of the state, the child welfare system is a very important part of his life. In this time of his life, his weeks usually consist of publicly speaking about his books and organization for abandoned children. His autobiography is the project he is most proud of because it speaks about his childhood and helped him discover who he is as a person.

Since Dr. Huber has such a broad range of experience, he says that he uses the internet and the youth to stay current. Since he is an author, writing has impacted his career greatly and contributed to a lot of his success. Even though Huber has a long list of accomplishments, he still wishes he would have taken more opportunities to get involved before going into his career. He also encourages all up and coming Communication students to be as involved as possible, complete as many internships as you can, and to start building a professional network now.

For more information on his organization or books, please check out his website.

After speaking with these professionals, I am more likely to have a career in Public Relations and Communication because I have now heard first-hand the success that can be built from this career field. As a student, I have learned to keep on building my networking and to take as many internships as possible, paid or not. Since hearing these tips from the pros, I am now more excited for my future in Communication.