This document clarifies the moral standards that I am looking for in a career.  When I enter the workforce, it is important that the organization I work for will comply with this code so that we have the same morals. I have identified five essential ethical concepts and listed examples of how I expect an organization to follow them.

Fairness: free from bias or injustice

·         Treat others in an unbiased and professional manner without discrimination.

      ·         Keep an open mind.

Accountability: the state of being liable

·         Taking full responsibility for your actions.

·         When mistakes are made, learn from them.


Excellence: the state of superiority

·         Strive to achieve goals and reach success.

·         Take pride in your work and display it with confidence.


Loyalty: faithfulness to commitments or obligations

·         Take actions that maintain the image of the company.

·         Act in the best interests of all of the company’s shareholders


Honesty: freedom from deceit or fraud

·         Always be truthful and sincere.

·         Do not share information that may not be reliable.

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Definitions from:


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