Blogging: Back to the Basics.



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As a new blogger, starting out can be a bit of a blur, so I have been searching the web for tips on how to ease this process. I came a cross an article by Susan Gunelius at offered a lot of advice on starting a new blog, getting it to grow, and even ways to make a profit from a blog.  Here are some of the tips I found to be most useful.

1. Define Your Goals:  In order to start a successful blog, you need to know what you want to accomplish with it. Are you trying to educate others on a certain topic or will it be used to express your personal thoughts and ideas? Either way, a blog has a greater success rate is there is a goal defined in the beginning. To reach this success, decide what you want to obtain from this blog in the future. Design your blog with these goals in mind.

2. Be Visible: Your social game plays a huge part in whether your blog will be successful or not. You must promote your blog so others know that it exists. To do this, you need to find blogs similar to yours and comment on them. By allowing those with similar interests hear your views on things, they are more likely to check your blog out for themselves. I thought this tip was especially important since we are focusing a lot on networking this semester.

3. Take Risks: Many new bloggers are considered timid when it comes to their blog. Keeping your blog fresh with new ideas, widgets, and designs will keep your followers coming back to see what is new. However, this does not mean that you should place every thing you possibly can onto your blog; instead,  review potential assets to your site and only use things you believe will help you reach your blogging goals discussed in the first tip.

Since networking seemed to be such a big part of blogging, I also searched a little on how to leave an efficient comment on a fellow bloggers page. I read a very helpful article written by Jarrod Anderson that explains how to professionally represent yourself through comments online. 

1. Know Your Audience: One of the most important keys needed to leave a professional comment is knowing who you are talking to AND who could possible see the comment. For example, when posting online about something you dislike about your job don’t forget who has access to those words. The co-worker you always see in the break room that you added a few weeks ago could very well share your unkind thoughts to other employees or even management. By considering everyone who is able to view your conversation, you are more likely to have only appropriate comments made.

2. Avoid “Sensitive” Topics: Although we all have our own political thoughts, online is not always the place to share them. When you are promoting a certain image avoiding unnecessary confrontation is a must. Try to avoid discussing touchy topics such as politics and religion where some viewers could become offended. Even though you are entitled to your freedom of speech, sometimes it is best to keep your own personal views out of your public life.

3. The Internet is Forever: Technology today makes almost anything possible. Once you post something online, it is there forever. Even if it is deleted, viewers are able to screenshot pictures of your words to haunt you later. Always think about what you say before posting it for everyone to see.

Although some of these tips may be seen as common sense, I believe that if you follow all of these rules online you will achieve success and maintain a professional image.



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  1. I really like the final tip when leaving a comment. It is a true fact that once it is on the internet, you might as well put a ring on it because you’ve committed to it. There is some good stuff here, I can’t wait to read more.

  2. I love the layout of your post! This setup made me want to actually read the information because of how nice and clear the blog was put together. I also really loved the advice “the Internet is forever.” Social media users really need to keep that in mind when posting anything to the Internet.

  3. I got a chance to read over your piece. I’m glad you enjoyed my article and I really liked how you were able to learn from it and incorporate it to your blog. You’ve already taken steps to making your blog great! I wish you the best of luck and I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your pieces. Good luck in your future!

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